You don't need a professional camera to become a photographer

Its been almost a year ago since I decided to buy a professional camera. I had to make a choice out of thousands of trademarks and hundred thousand designs. After some research I decided to go either for one of the Sony Digital SLR or a Canon EOS (Rebel), but money was my greatest concern.

I decided to save some money for a good camera, but instead of waiting till I get enough money, I decided to search the Internet for tips on becoming a top photographer. I also interviewed few photographers I came across at work or through friends. I also read some magazines on photography, which by the way helps a lot. Reading alone was not enough, practice was needed, but I was very convinced that only a professional camera produces good photos. I never thought that a normal digital camera could make any difference, but I had no other choice than to use a normal compact digital camera. I never owned one my self, but I have through friends and family got the chance to use about 3 different types since a little more than a year.

I started with a Fuji FinePix F410, but was not really satisfied. I made according to viewer one great photo though, which happen to make it to our company's monthly magazine ( I wanted something much better, so I decided to use a Kodak camera I got from my girlfriend. It produced better pictures than the Fuji, but didn't really impress me. I tried a Sanyo camera that belongs to my father in-law and then tried another Kodak camera, but was still not satisfied.

I was losing my hope on becoming a photographer, because I still could not afford the price of a professional camera. My girlfriend then decided to buy another compact camera, after the Kodak she had got defected when orange juice accidentally got poured over it. I decided to help her search for something good, at least something we could both be proud of. After a good research and with the amount of money in mind, we decided to buy the compact digital camera of the year 2007 (NV10). We wanted a canon camera, but could not afford it, but we were both impressed when we saw the NV10 in a camera shop and decided to buy one immediately. My first impression was "wow, what a camera", but that soon disappeared when I tested it and saw the pictures after my vacation. I was really disappointed and wanted to either bring it back to the dealer or sell it.

I never realized something, till I received a new laptop from my boss, which was intended to be used for my job. I was still taking photos of anything I came across on my daily life, while waiting for a buy. I decided to put the photos I was taking on the new laptop, and it was only then that I noticed that the pictures were really good. What I never realized before was that my old laptop was not portraying the photos as they were because the quality of the video card on it was very poor and the LCD screen was also from a very poor quality.

I was so impressed with one of the photos and decided to check all the features on the camera and try to get the best out of it. I have come to realize that its not only the camera that makes you a top photographer, but one himself. The right camera and lenses help, but a gifted person can become a top photographer with or without a professional camera.

My passion for photography is back!