I'm not a quitter, but I'm quiting the 365 project

On Jan 1, 2010, I started a 365 project, which to me was a test of self discipline & motivation. To fulfill this project I would have to post a photo to my blog every single day for a whole year, without cheating. That meant that, every photo I posted should be of that particular day and not any other day.

Before I started the project, I whole-heartedly believed I had all it took to finish it. I had no doubts in my motivation & self discipline. What I didn't know back then, was that I didn't have some other things in hand, like; financial income.

It took less than 2 months to realize that I might not be able to finish the project. The first obstacle I encountered was the lack of money, money to pay my bills as I had been jobless for almost 2 months due to the crisis . To solve that, I had to sell things I didn't need and amongst them, was my newly bought DSLR camera. Oeps, did I really do that? Well unfortunately, I did.

Not having a camera at that time was not a disaster, because I could borrow or use a camera from someone else. I survived the pressure of coming up with a photo everyday, untill I went on a 2 months family visit to Lebanon. Once there, I tried to burrow a camera, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be.

So, 2 months past without photos and when I came back to Holland, I had no other choice but to start cheating, hmmm, did I just say that? YES I DID... I started posting photos that were taken in the past editing the date and time and also posting them as if it was captured on that particular day.

Well today, I asked myself; was this project meant to transform me to a photographer or a liar. was it meant to test my ability, motivation & self discipline? And the correct answer to all what was; No it was not meant to turn me into a liar, but as a test of self discipline & motivation. With those two being the idea behind the project, one has to re-assess the project, realize they can't complete it and give in to the situations behind their failure.

Today, I'm quitting, not because I lack the self discipline and motivation needed for such a project, but because I found myself in a situation where I couldn't afford the gear I needed. Also, I think this is the honest thing to do, instead of continuing a path I personally know I stopped following since my vacation. I hope you can understand the reason behind my decision.


As from today, I will be posting a photo I took in the past, present or future and as time goes by, I will re-assess my work and move more closer towards the kind of photographer I will like to become. So, I hope that by taking this decision, I have made a honest and first positive step towards the goal I'm aiming for and hope you support me in every single step on the way.

Thanks for your understanding & support!