Who let the dogs out?

Sometimes you come into contact with your subject and become friends without planing it ahead of time.

It was March 4, 2010 and I was feeling tired an frustrated, I had just heard from the dutch immigration that I had to wait another three months to be able to apply for the dutch passport. So I decided to take my camera and go out for a walk. On my way through the park I came across a lovely girl and her cute little dog, it looked so sweet that I had no other option but to ask the girl for her permission to photograph this little beauty.

I had one shot to make it right because the girl was shy and a little bit impatient. This was that one shot.

These are the camera settings I used for this photo:

I used a faster exposure (shutter speed) 1/350 of a sec to freeze the shot because animals are very unpredictable. I also used a smaller aperture f9.0, to get everything in focus. My ISO was set to 200 which was just perfect for a light absorbent lens (50mm f1.4). Other lenses might have needed a higher ISO or some compensatory flash.