Photography tip (34)

Practice makes perfect, shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot more. Keep on practicing and make changes to the settings on your camera plus the angles in which you normally take your photos from. The more variation, the better.

My first wedding photography experience

Unfortunately, there are no photos right now to show you, but on April 16, 2011, I was fortunate to be my best friends personal photographer.

My childhood friend Mohamed el Ali got married to his fiancée and asked me to be his personal photographer. He had already hired a professional photographer but wanted me to be there and capture the emotional moments only a good friend could see. We've been friends forever and know each other like we know ourselves.

I was a bit nervous, but got very relaxed when the wedding started. I tried to keep the photos to a minimum, selecting only the beautiful moments, those moments that spoke to me. I hope when I process them, they'll be a keeper and photos to cherish forever.

I hope I didn't mess up this one, because this is the wedding I'll never forget in my life. It's the wedding I've been waiting to see for a decade.

I wish him and his beautiful wife, all the best in life!

The photo's turned out just as we both wanted, but unfortunately, Mohammed didn't want to post them on the Internet, I'm really sorry, had to respect his wish.