City house of Groningen

City house of Groningen by (Id) Xposed Photography

The city house of Groningen is at the heart of the city (grote markt) meaning; big market. It was designed bij architect Jacob Otten Husly.

The city house was built in the place of the middle age wine & town hall that was broken in 1775. The welfare of the city was supported through peat cultivation but did not last for long as they went into huge loss.

In 1792, Husly designed a retrenched design that was done in two fases respectively in 1793-1795 & 1802-1810.

Originally, the building had a U form architectural plan. In 1872 the city fully completed the west-side & the back-side.

In 1962 an extension was built designed by architect Jo Vegter (in Groningen and called the new city house).

City life!

City life by (Id) Xposed Photography

I started a new path in photography this week. My goal is to be able to walk around feeling comfortable while taking photos of my environment.

What I realized during my first session was that I had a lot of angst when it came to taking photos of people. I could not, for one moment ask anyone if I could take a photo of them so if you see people in my photos, then know that I took them without them seeing me.

I hope you will check my new set of photos called City life and sincerely comment on them. Please give me tips that would help improve my work. Say all you like as long as it's related to the photos (no hurt feelings). But please refrain from critique that are meant to hurt than help.

Thanks for being here!

Paulien the Pirate

Paulien the Pirate by (Id) Xposed Photography

Paulien is a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. She's watched the first three episodes and was hoping to watch the 4th, unfortunately for her, she couldn't choose the normal movie, the only one playing that day was the 3D version.

This photo was taken in front of the Pathe cinema in Rotterdam.

Girl in pink

Girl in pink by (Id) Xposed Photography

She's my neighbors kid and she's adoring.

This kid is too small for her age and she doesn't speak yet. I think she's almost 3 but looks like 1/5 year. Medically you can say something is wrong with her, but luckily she's not sick and is very energetic.

This is the only kid in the world that loves me from afar. She likes looking at me all the time, smiles from afar and do funny stuff but I'm really not allowed close to her because she'll run away and hide under a desk in her parents shop, aw she's so cute.

There's also on thing, she's very greedy and would never share anything with anyone even her brother or parents ;) Another thing is that, if I call her and want to play with her, she'll refuse but if I say give me a kiss she would. Very funny and strange, never seen a kid that's like her in my entire life. I'm used to kids being around me all the time and not wanting to let go of me for a second, but this is a tough job.

Her mom says she used to be like her when she was a kid and that explains everything, I guess!

Here's my babe

Here's my babe by (Id) Xposed Photography

Her name changes every day and I'm not referring to my niece in the picture but to her lovely doll.

My niece will end up becoming an awesome mom in her future life! at least that's how I feel when I see her taking care of her doll. She does everything (bath, clothes washing, changing of clothes and diapers if any, feeding, cleaning, bed tucking etc..) one does for her own babe.

Sometimes she brings her over to me so we can talk about her and I always treat her doll as a real kid. I love making my niece laugh and try to get her into a good mood when she's down, maybe that's why she always say she loves me the most and why she always cry when I travel.

I miss her so much and hope to see her again soon.

Beauty in the distance

Far at the distance you'll see a mountain called Jabal El Sheikh, meaning; (Old Man's Mountain). It's one of those mountains where you'll always find snow on it and it's found in Lebanon.

This mountain can be seen from a lot of places in Lebanon and is one of the highest mountains of lebanon, the highest mountain is Qurna El Sawdat (The Black Peak) reaching approx. 4000 meters (13000 Ft). Thanks to Joseph for the details.

What I love most in Lebanon are the hills and beautiful sky it makes me relax and feel at home.

Caught while shooting

Everyone loves taking photos even if it's just to grab a hold of a camera.

I talked about my niece on my last blog post and here she is, looking into her eyes I can see the passion of a photographer, unfortunately, she has no intention to become one, all she cares about is just take photos whenever she's got a camera in her hands.

My motive behind this photo was to portray what a person looks like when they have a compact camera in their hands.

Gracious yellow Daisy

I almost didn't notice it because it was so tiny and the flower pot it was in was super huge.

I was busy taking some photos of my cousin and through the corner of my eyes I saw my niece taking photos of something on the other side of the road. I got curious and walked towards her to see what she was doing and suddenly noticed a beautiful daisy flower in a huge pot.

I got down on my knees to take a photo of it, my action made my niece laugh out loud saying that the flower was not worth a picture, I ignored her, took the photo and showed it to her. I could see the impression on her face as she shouted WOW "I didn't expect that, how did you do that" was her first question, I smiled and told her she has to have a passion for photography if she wants to know how I did it.

Later back home I talked with her a lot about my passion for photography and how I look at my subject. She looked interested and I hope I've shared a bit of my knowledge with her.

Tearing eyes

This is my boy and I'm so proud of him but sometimes looking into his eyes makes me sad.

He reminds me of my self and how unlucky I am in life, he looks a lot like his mom from the outside and more like me from the inside. He's a good boy but missed a lot in his life & I hope I can replace some of his losses in the near future.

He's the love of my life!

Loving that bird

On our way to Beirut's International Airport to collect my sister's daughter last month we stopped by a gas station to get some gas, that is when I saw these beautiful birds in a cage enjoying the sun. Did I say enjoying the sun? Well how can one enjoy the sun in prison, guess it's impossible, but that's my opinion. I'm totally against birds imprisonment.

Anyways, we had enough time so I went over and took a couple of shot, but what caught my eyes were these two birds that seemed very in love with each other. They remind me of how beautiful life is when one's in love.


I was sitting in my brothers shop helping him out with the bottling & selling of drinking water when I noticed one of the taps dripping. So, I went home and grabbed my camera to capture the beauty of it.

It took a couple of shots to get it right, but it was real fun & I learned a lot about the settings of my camera and how to focus on the right places.

Shoot without a camera

When I first read about taking photographs without a camera I thought it was a stupid idea especially because it would make me look like a crazy man in the eyes of the public. Though the idea sounded crazy I gave it a try & to be sincere it really paid off.

Here is how to put this technique into practice:

1. Think about something interesting, go to the area were it is found without taking a camera with you.

2. Walk around your subject looking at it from every angle possible. Stand on higher grounds, bend down on your knees or lie down on your stomach to get a much lower perspective. Make sure you study your subject from every angle & by doing that you'll realize that there's a lot you can do with a camera in hand.

3. You can also use this technique in your daily life, while at work or on the streets, you might look crazy but to become a top photographer one must have something to offer or sacrifice.

4. Another tip while studying your subject is to close one eye, because with both eyes open things look much better, because the human sees things in 2 or 3 dimensions (sorry not sure which is right). A camera has only one dimension & so your shot might end up different than you hoped for.

Don't hesitate to practice this way & tell me if you learned something from this technique also let me know what people thought about you ;)