City house of Groningen

City house of Groningen by (Id) Xposed Photography

The city house of Groningen is at the heart of the city (grote markt) meaning; big market. It was designed bij architect Jacob Otten Husly.

The city house was built in the place of the middle age wine & town hall that was broken in 1775. The welfare of the city was supported through peat cultivation but did not last for long as they went into huge loss.

In 1792, Husly designed a retrenched design that was done in two fases respectively in 1793-1795 & 1802-1810.

Originally, the building had a U form architectural plan. In 1872 the city fully completed the west-side & the back-side.

In 1962 an extension was built designed by architect Jo Vegter (in Groningen and called the new city house).