Girl in pink

Girl in pink by (Id) Xposed Photography

She's my neighbors kid and she's adoring.

This kid is too small for her age and she doesn't speak yet. I think she's almost 3 but looks like 1/5 year. Medically you can say something is wrong with her, but luckily she's not sick and is very energetic.

This is the only kid in the world that loves me from afar. She likes looking at me all the time, smiles from afar and do funny stuff but I'm really not allowed close to her because she'll run away and hide under a desk in her parents shop, aw she's so cute.

There's also on thing, she's very greedy and would never share anything with anyone even her brother or parents ;) Another thing is that, if I call her and want to play with her, she'll refuse but if I say give me a kiss she would. Very funny and strange, never seen a kid that's like her in my entire life. I'm used to kids being around me all the time and not wanting to let go of me for a second, but this is a tough job.

Her mom says she used to be like her when she was a kid and that explains everything, I guess!