Gracious yellow Daisy

I almost didn't notice it because it was so tiny and the flower pot it was in was super huge.

I was busy taking some photos of my cousin and through the corner of my eyes I saw my niece taking photos of something on the other side of the road. I got curious and walked towards her to see what she was doing and suddenly noticed a beautiful daisy flower in a huge pot.

I got down on my knees to take a photo of it, my action made my niece laugh out loud saying that the flower was not worth a picture, I ignored her, took the photo and showed it to her. I could see the impression on her face as she shouted WOW "I didn't expect that, how did you do that" was her first question, I smiled and told her she has to have a passion for photography if she wants to know how I did it.

Later back home I talked with her a lot about my passion for photography and how I look at my subject. She looked interested and I hope I've shared a bit of my knowledge with her.