Shoot without a camera

When I first read about taking photographs without a camera I thought it was a stupid idea especially because it would make me look like a crazy man in the eyes of the public. Though the idea sounded crazy I gave it a try & to be sincere it really paid off.

Here is how to put this technique into practice:

1. Think about something interesting, go to the area were it is found without taking a camera with you.

2. Walk around your subject looking at it from every angle possible. Stand on higher grounds, bend down on your knees or lie down on your stomach to get a much lower perspective. Make sure you study your subject from every angle & by doing that you'll realize that there's a lot you can do with a camera in hand.

3. You can also use this technique in your daily life, while at work or on the streets, you might look crazy but to become a top photographer one must have something to offer or sacrifice.

4. Another tip while studying your subject is to close one eye, because with both eyes open things look much better, because the human sees things in 2 or 3 dimensions (sorry not sure which is right). A camera has only one dimension & so your shot might end up different than you hoped for.

Don't hesitate to practice this way & tell me if you learned something from this technique also let me know what people thought about you ;)