Groningen Central Station

Groningen Central Station by (Id) Xposed Photography

Groningen railway station is the main railway station in Groningen, the Netherlands. In Groningen, the station is also called Hoofdstation.

The station opened on 1 June 1866 and is on the Staatslijn B (Harlingen - Nieuweschans). The first building was a temporarily structure outside the former stronghold. Later the station was connected on the Meppel–Groningen railway in 1870. In 1884 the Groningen - Delfzijl railway line opened, and in 1893 the connection to Roodeschool opened.

The station building that still stands today was completed in 1896. The station has nine platforms and behind the station is a stabling point for many trains. Groningen is now the furthest north Nederlandse Spoorwegen operate, with all services further north operated by Arriva. The drawings for the station are printed in Baranowskis ENCYCLOPEDIA of 19.c. ARCHITECTURE (in French, German and Russian). There is also a 19.c. photo.