Pigeons at rest

Pigeons at rest by (Id) Xposed Photography

This was taken on a short holiday in Rotterdam.

While walking around, I saw a huge amount of pigeons flying towards me & Paulien, so I traced them to where they were coming from and this is exactly how I saw them & the place they seem to be living in.

A pink & a white daisy

A pink & a white daisy by (Id) Xposed Photography

I was wandering in Rotterdam about 2 months ago spending my last days with my ex. We were exploring the city, neither of us had ever spent time in Rotterdam. I had been there before, but it was only on a transit ride with the train.

I had my camera as usual & Paulien had just bought one for herself. The tour was amazing, we were delighted by the beauty of Rotterdam. On our way through a shopping mall, my eyes caught hold of a huge flower pot with beautiful mauve and white flowers. I couldn't resist the temptation and got closer. I walked around it selected the best flower that was on the best spot & which I thought would make a good composition and this is what I ended up with.

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Can't get me!

Can't get me by (Id) Xposed Photography

This kid was just being curious watching, playing and talking with the water fountain.

I can dance like you

I can dance like you by (Id) Xposed Photography

Kids are fun if you let them be kids.

What's up with my mobile?

What's up with my mobile? by (Id) Xposed Photography

Technology is taking much of our attention these days but it's hard to think of a world without technology anymore.

Do I look like a ladybug?

Do I look like a ladybug? by (Id) Xposed Photography

These are exactly what kids around the world are supposed to do. Be a kid and do kids stuff.

Hope every kid lives a happy childhood life.