Egg cups through my eyes

Egg cups through my eyes by (id) Xposed Photography

While having my first breakfast at the Inner City hotel in Dordrecht, the Netherlands a couple of months ago, I received an egg on an egg cup. Suddenly, a photo idea came into my mind.

I looked around to find the right spot to portray the beauty I was imagining. It didn't take long to find one. There was a place for the dishes that was well lit.

I asked the waitress for a couple of egg cups and placed them as they are seen on the photo above. I tried several perspectives and this one was what I imagined will draw my viewers attention.

Let me know what you think of the color, lighting, processing and the lines.

Bricks & lines

Bricks & lines by (id) Xposed Photography

Holland has great architectural designers and famous architects. This is not one of them, but as I mentioned in my last posts, I'm paying more attention to details in every single subject I want on my photos.

This is a normal building, but i was drawn to it because of it's design.

Safety comes first (staircase)

Safety comes first (staircase) by (id) Xposed Photography

I pay more attention to everything I want on a photo these days. Lines and patterns are getting me to start thinking about what I choose to photograph all over again.

I'm seeing things differently now, than I used to before I started photography. I have created a new folder on my Flickr page especially for repetitive patterns and lines. Don't rush to see it yet because it only contains the first photo.

Erasmus bridge (erasmusbrug) in Rotterdam

Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam by (id) Xposed Photography

Erasmus Bridge (Dutch: Erasmusbrug) is a cable-stayed bridge across the Nieuwe Maas, linking the northern and southern regions of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Erasmus Bridge was designed by Ben van Berkel and completed in 1996. The 802-metre-long (2,631 ft) bridge has a 139-metre-high (456 ft) asymmetrical pylon, earning the bridge its nickname of "The Swan".

The southern span of the bridge has an 89-metre-long (292 ft) bascule bridge for ships that cannot pass under the bridge. The bascule bridge is the largest and heaviest in West Europe and has the largest panel of its type in the world.

After costing more than 163 million euros to construct, the bridge was officially opened by Queen Beatrix on September 6, 1996. Shortly after the bridge opened to traffic in October 1996, it was discovered the bridge would swing under particularly strong wind conditions. To reduce the trembling, stronger shock dampers were installed.

Light on my face

Light on my face by (id) Xposed Photography

My ex remains my closest friend ever! Even though we separated a year ago and live very far from each other, we still find peace talking with each other.

She's the one I turn to every time I need a friend and luckily I'm the one she turns to too. I can proudly say, she's the kindest person I ever met and I thank God because I met her.

My son, my sun!

My son, my sun! by (id) Xposed Photography

The title says it all and no description can tell how much my boy means to me. In a short sentence.

He's my life!

Silhouette of a thorn

Silhouette of a thorn by (id) Xposed Photography

It's a beautiful moment in life and it's unique every single time it happens.

I find peace an inspiration in every sunset that has a view like this one, and I really miss it whenever I need one and it's not there.

This shot was taken 10 meters from my home in Haris, Lebanon

Is it a pine?

Is it a pine? by (id) Xposed Photography

There's no real story behind this shot, it happened by coincidence. I was walking home from work and my head struck this particular pine as I was walking under it, is it a pine or is it called something else?

I happened to have my camera with me and took this shot. There no more story to it.

forging antique design

forging antique design by (id) Xposed Photography

Our past was and is still beautiful!

The way we dressed, lived designed our homes and business was and is still a pleasure to the eyes.

This store in Frankfurt airport devotes itself to offer the pleasure of past designs for modern people. Don't misinterpret their intention with antique goods, because all what they sell is modern and from our present time.

Ring that bell

Ring that bell by (id) Xposed Photography

You walk in, there's no one around only that bell, you press on it, ding dong it goes and someone appears from the far end.

Welcome can I help you?!
Yes you can! I'm looking for a room to spend the night.
Well, you're walked in to the right place, I have a lovely room with an awesome view.
How much would it cost?
$100 for the night and breakfast is on us.

That's what this bell lead to and I spent a month in that hotel while on a business trip, expenses were fully covered by the company I worked for.

Graffiti & beer

Graffiti & beer by (id) Xposed Photography

Traces of human behavior can be found on streets everywhere around the world and it doesn't matter how civilized or well governed a country is.

The Netherlands is one of the cleanest countries in the world but you can still find trails of uncivilized behavior.

Is this a civilized way of living?

Photography tip (37)

A good photographer pays attention to every single detail before they press the shutter button.

Baby I'm cool

Baby I'm coool by (id) Xposed Photography

Buy me please it's warm out here and my ex owner don't seem to care about me anymore, he's now offering Me for sale. Pleassseee buy me.

That's the scream that got my attention as I was walking pass this beautiful doll. I didn't buy it for sure, but it managed to draw my attention.

Good photographers pay a lot of attention to the little details. I'm not a great photographer but I'm starting to pay more attention to the details and what I want my photo to tell it's viewers.

Please let me know what this photos tells you.

Fruits for breakfast

Fruits for breakfast by (id) Xposed Photography

A complete breakfast must have a fruit or two. This is also the usual treat you get in most hotels around the world.

I happened to be in a hotel in the Netherlands a couple of months a go during a work visit, and in every single breakfast I had got a couple of fruits.

I love bananas don't you?!

A heart can be seen anywhere

A heart can be seen anywhere by (id) Xposed Photography

Normally a heart is found in a living soul's body, but the symbol itself can be found anywhere.

Sometimes we make them but nature also has it's way of creating them for us to enjoy.

I wish I was a vintage rose

I wish I was a vintage rose by (id) Xposed Photography

It looked very ordinary from afar, I got a little bit closer but it still looked the same. Suddenly I noticed a bird in the far background and decided to take a close shot the rose combining it with the background.

As I got closer to the rose, I realized that the background that I thought was perfect was in reality going to spoil the beauty of the rose which only caught my eyes from close range. So I decided to take the shot from another perspective and this is the result.

Empty or Full

Empty or Full by (id) Xposed Photography

Is there enough petrol on this bike? I guess it doesn't matter as much to it's owner as the bike itself.

This is a an old (Retro 50) motor bike and it's still in great shape, the owner must be very proud of his baby.

Photography tip (36)

A photo is everywhere; it's there waiting to be captured.

Look around keenly and observe an object carefully from different angles. Some just need a good perspective.

Old but still on the road

Old but still on the road by (id) Xposed Photography

I was recently in the Netherlands to purchase textile for a company in Africa, during my free hours, I toured the city (Dordrecht) I was staying in to see what made it different than other cities.

There were lots of boats and a huge amount of old cars and bikes. It seemed to me that this city is one of the oldest in the Netherlands, but I'm just guessing.

Here is a little sample of an old bike I saw on the way.

Where's my nose

Where's my nose by (id) Xposed Photography

I'm happy it's not my nose that was chopped off ;) How on earth did that happen?!

Walking past the Media Markt, a dutch electronic store in Holland, I couldn't resist taking this shot which I found very interesting. It tells a lot about life in the city and how unsafe it can be even for mannequins.

Have a Wine!

Have a Wine! by (id) Xposed Photography

I don't drink any alcohol beverage and surely no wine.

For all wine lovers, this shot was taken specially for you. I don't know the taste or the smell, but I knew it made a great shot or did it?

A rose for you!

A rose for you! by (id) Xposed Photography

While away from your inhabitant, far far away from those you love the most, things like; a beautiful flower attracts your attention and fill your heart with joy bringing back lovely remembrance of past memories.

This flower was taken for a special one!

A world of wonders

A world of wonders by (Id) Xposed Photography

Our beautiful earth never quits impressing me! This shot was taken with my HTC Desire HD.

All what you see at the forefront are just little thorns growing in a field next to our house in Haris, Lebanon.

Such a combination goes mostly un-noticed by most amateur photographers, while others take them on purpose, so, for those who take thorns for granted, hope this shot gives you the motivation you needed.

Photography tip (35)

The gear you carry is important but not as much as understanding your gear and what you both can do for each other.

Caught off-guard

Caught off-guard by (Id) Xposed Photography

She was not expecting this shot, and frankly speaking not from a total stranger or as I normally call myself in such a situation; a passer-by.

It was a fund raising event for the Red Cross and I felt I had the freedom to choose my subject, point my camera and shoot. Wish I could do that everytime and everywhere, but with privacy becoming the subject of the day, one cannot do that as they wish.

Luckily here I was a free man.

Can't beat this sunset

IMAG0417 by (Id) Xposed Photography

Some things in life are amazing, such as love, but natural things like a beautiful sunset gives one the inspiration to keep on moving even in the darkest times in ones life. I find peace in these kind on sunset. Even better, such a sunset gets more beautiful when you're sharing it with your sweetheart.

This was taken through the trees of my neighbour's house.