A world of wonders

A world of wonders by (Id) Xposed Photography

Our beautiful earth never quits impressing me! This shot was taken with my HTC Desire HD.

All what you see at the forefront are just little thorns growing in a field next to our house in Haris, Lebanon.

Such a combination goes mostly un-noticed by most amateur photographers, while others take them on purpose, so, for those who take thorns for granted, hope this shot gives you the motivation you needed.

Photography tip (35)

The gear you carry is important but not as much as understanding your gear and what you both can do for each other.

Caught off-guard

Caught off-guard by (Id) Xposed Photography

She was not expecting this shot, and frankly speaking not from a total stranger or as I normally call myself in such a situation; a passer-by.

It was a fund raising event for the Red Cross and I felt I had the freedom to choose my subject, point my camera and shoot. Wish I could do that everytime and everywhere, but with privacy becoming the subject of the day, one cannot do that as they wish.

Luckily here I was a free man.

Can't beat this sunset

IMAG0417 by (Id) Xposed Photography

Some things in life are amazing, such as love, but natural things like a beautiful sunset gives one the inspiration to keep on moving even in the darkest times in ones life. I find peace in these kind on sunset. Even better, such a sunset gets more beautiful when you're sharing it with your sweetheart.

This was taken through the trees of my neighbour's house.