Sleeping on the plane

Sleeping on the plane by (id) Xposed Photography

Me and a friend of mine including the wife of another friend took the flight to Mozambique from Lebanon.

It was a very long journey, 23 hours and 5 airports later we reached our destination, but on the way, after sleeping for hours, I woke up and looked around me to find almost everyone sleeping, fatigue had got the hold of us all.

I grabbed my camera to capture these precious but yet tiring moments in life and hope I portrayed the situation well.

Symantic cup of tea

Symantic cup of tea by (id) Xposed Photography

Photos are not only about things that are there waiting for you to capture them, sometimes you have to be creative and think about the subject you want to portray and what you want to tell your viewers and sometimes combining the subject with other subjects around it will be the perfect way to tell the story.

Here you see a cup of tea, but what does a cup of tea tells people who sees it on a photo? for me, a cup of tea means relaxation and my window to a less stressful world. Every night I would make a small kettle of tea and drink it slowly as I watch TV.

I have thought a lot about portraying that feeling to my viewers, the combination of the kettle, tea cup and TV in front of me as it always is was my first attempt, but I realized, it only portrays a whole setting which I see but doesn't say anything about how it makes me feel. So I decided to create a serene atmosphere, where all the focus is drawn towards the tea and how it adds to the beauty around it.

Tell me what you think about this setting.

Looking cool!

Looking cool! by (id) Xposed Photography

Some people get attracted by a camera and some shy off but sometimes all you need is to ask the question (can I take a photo of you?).

This lady is a client at my textile store and she was happy to pose with my friend for me. At first she was a little shy, but my friend who's a photo freak needed just a second to convince her to pose. This is the outcome of the very first shot.

Photography quotes (8)

“A photograph: is one unique moment in time, that never repeats itself and is yet there for eternity” 

M. Hassan
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Chilling & posing

Chilling & posing by (id) Xposed Photography

Almost everytime a customer visits our shop to buy, there would be an escort boy with them to assist with the products they buy.

These boys are not allowed to move around in the store with our customers because they cause a lot of confusion and fill up the store for no reason.

I normally ask them to wait outside till the customer need them, but this guy was quiet so I asked him to stay at the corner, and he seemed to like it there as he was so relaxed and acted coooool!!!

A day out with a big smile

A day out with a big smile by (id) Xposed Photography

I took this photo 3 months ago, it was the day I moved from Beira to Chimoio in Mozambique, I was on my way to manage a new store we opened there.

My friend on this shot was happy to give me a ride and as you can see, we spent the entire time laughing and chatting. I caught him by surprise and till this date he's never seen this shot, so I'm taking him by surprise as he will find out via Facebook that he made it to my blog.

A chess game

A chess game by (id) Xposed Photography

This is one art of a chess board, I found it in a souvenir shop in Tete's Airport in Mozambique. All the elements of this chess board were carved neatly by hand.

Kings, Queens were beautifully designed in the African traditional way, and it really attracted me because it portrayed the culture of the country it was sold in.

Tell me what you think of the entire shot and the subject itself.

Airport stress

Airport stress by (id) Xposed Photography

We all know it, or have gone through it in one way or the other. Fatigue, airport stress, traveling stress, our only savior is a quick nap.

I love traveling by air, airports & planes give me a rush, I become happier and more active. I try to tour every airport I visit and don't just sit down close to my baggage, in-fact I try not to have anything with me that affects my movement.

It's fun being in new places, life is different, the language and culture is totally different than what one is accustomed to. I'm social and love seeing life out of my nutshell, it makes me realize the difference and broaden my intellectualism, it also gives me more choices to live as humans are meant to be and not as my culture taught me to.

Back to the photo, life in an airport can be really exhausting, but also really interesting, so have fun when you're in one.

Caston relaxing with his mobile

20130807-142045 by (id) Xposed Photography

It's often really busy in our store, we hardly have time for anything other than serving customers during the morning hours, so every second without work is spent personally.

Caston, one of my workers chooses to spend his time on his newly bought blackberry. For him, it's a new toy and he just can't get his sight of the screen. I decided to take a shot and show him how concentrated he always is while playing with his toy.

Dino at work

Dino at work by (id) Xposed Photography

I run a textile business in Chimoio, Mozambique. We sell use clothes (45KG Bales) that we buy from Holland, USA, Korea and other parts of the world.

On the shot is Dino one of my faithful workers, he was walking towards me with a bale that a customer had chosen and he posed when he saw my camera. For me it was an opportunity I was waiting for.

Please tell me what you think of the overall shot and give me your advice on the technique. I would also love to hear what this photo tells you.

Line of leaves

Line of leaves by (id) Xposed Photography

In photography, lines and patterns play a great role in improving your photos. Sometimes your subject is not interesting enough to portray what you're trying to talk about, but good photographers create magic out of nothing.

After experimenting with different types of techniques that I learn't from others on the net, I have come to realize that pattern and lines betters your photo immensely. Placing the subject is a particular way changes its entire perspective to what your eyes see, and makes your photo much more interesting than what a normal photographer would portray.

So, go out and experiment with lines and pattern.

Green flower

Green flower by (id) Xposed Photography

All I would say about this flower is that I need your comments about the photo and through your photography's point of view. Is it well composed, what would have made it better if you think it's not good, color, processing. Anything that will help me improve is highly appreciated.

Orange flower in my garden

Orange flower in my garden by (id) Xposed Photography

This is one of the flowers that decorates our lovely garden. Life in itself is boring, but with some care one can make life a little bit comfortable.

Our garden is where I take out my daily stress, caring for the plants and just walking around makes me relax, with a camera in hand walking around becomes much more fun.

Reflection of a candle

Reflection of a candle by (id) Xposed Photography

I took this photo when I was in Lebanon last year, I wanted to make something special to express my love for someone I really cared about.

I took it, added some text into it and posted it on my whatsapp profile. Caring is very important in a relationship and I try to do it in a unique way, like; coming up with words or sentences that express my feelings, or through photos. I hate or dislike using words or photos created by others on the net.

Cinderella lives there

Cinderella lives there by (id) Xposed Photography

It's been a while since I updated my blog and that's because I moved to Mozambique where I'm now working as a whole sale manager of used clothes.

This photo is one of the last photos I took in Lebanon and this view is not too far from where I lived.

I hope you can comment on this photo and tell me what you think of it and what can be improved.

I will try to take some new photos to keep my passion and blog alive.

Thanks for reading!

Flowers & Olive trees

Flowers & Olive trees by (id) Xposed Photography

Still have a month to go before spring arrives but spring is already here and way ahead of it's time. The weather has been great for almost the entire winter, it looks as if it's spring and not the typical winter we're used to.

Flowers are growing everywhere and the temperature feels more like it's summer. For me, spring is the best season of them all, it's not too hot and also not too cold, the perfect weather, that's how I call it.

Back to the photo, I would like you to please leave your comment about what it tells you and if you see a good or bad photo.

A door made of gold

A door made of gold by (id) Xposed Photography

This photo was taken at sunset and the door is the entrance to a new building in my neighborhood.

Haris once a little village has become a big and beautiful town, with very expensive buildings, some millions of dollars worth. There's a new building coming up every month and life is also changing rapidly.

Any way, I saw this door, liked it and took this shot of it.

My little niece!

My little niece! by (id) Xposed Photography

It was my niece's engagement and I was the photographer for that special day. There are a lot of photos but due to our religion, this is the only one I can share with you.

Muslim religion forbids showing certain parts of a woman body including the hair, so doing that is against our religion.

I really wanted to share my work with you but I had to choose carefully and I hope you would take your time to comment on this particular shot.

Red street light

Red street light by (id) Xposed Photography

I was still working at my store and it was getting really late, there was a job that should be done before the next day. I had no other options but to keep on working till it was done.

I was so tired so I stepped out to refresh my mind and have some air. The weather was misty and the light on the other side of the road was disappearing as the mist grew thicker. I went back to the shop, grabbed my camera to get a quick shot of that moment.

The first three shots were shaky, so I went back, took a chair and took two more shots, this is the result. Hope you like it.

It's misty, it's beautiful!

It's misty, it's beautiful! by (id) Xposed Photography

This is the view outside my uncles house in Haris, Lebanon. The only difference with the daily view is that this time it was misty and it was amazing to watch the faded house at the far end of the hills.

Normally, the normal view that I was used to seeing never attracted my photography eyes ;), but this one was gorgeous. I had to go through a lot to get the right composition I was aiming for. There was no room to get that much scene into a 35mm lens. Also, the wall is not as straight as it looks in the photo, it's a wall that's goes down-hill.

I tried every thing and ended right to the top of the road slanting my camera 45 degrees to align the wall and creating that straight line, there was also very little room to get more of the wall in the scene. I would have preferred it to take 1/3 of the bottom.

I did all I could to portray what I was seeing and hope you get the picture too.

Photography Quotes (6)

“Photograph: You capture precious moments in life, you don't photograph them” 

M. Hassan
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Lime and flowers

Lime and flowers by (id) Xposed Photography

Sometimes a photo appears from nowhere and sometimes we have to work harder or make changes to a situation to get the photo.

This setup was there waiting for someone to take the shot. The lime was on the wall and the yellow flowers on the other side of it. All I had to do was compose and shoot and that was exactly what I did, aim and shot.

Please leave your comment!

Orange & White daisy flower

Orange & White daisy flower by (id) Xposed Photography

This was not planned...

I was going hope to take some photos of my niece's engagement, suddenly my shoe lace got loose, I bent down to tie it, and from that low perspective, the flower in-front of me became much more exciting to watch.

I finished what I was doing and composed for this shot, by the way, the flowers are yellow but I processed it this way.

Crossing at intersected lines

Crossing at intersected lines by (id) Xposed Photography

The lines intersect at one point and my object is at the intersecting point, that was my theme for January 7.

I asked a friend to walk towards me as I sat down on the other side of the road I had already composed my shot putting the lines in the viewer as I wanted them to be, my friend wanted me to focus on him instead, but I had this view in mind, he's not my focus point, I wanted the lines to lead the eye and end up with their imagination of how my subject looks if he was in focus.

Have a nice day!

Hiding from the police

Hiding from the police by (id) Xposed Photography

I participated 3 years ago on a TV show called the best idea of the Netherlands. This shot was taken on the same day of my TV shooting.

There were a lot of people and so I had to wait and be patient till my turn came. I went outside got some food and sat close to this fountain. Suddenly this bird flew down to drink and then started cleaning itself.

I got as close as I could and captured a few photos, this was the one that I liked most, because it says a lot. The police car, the head under the wing, the waste on the ground. One can make a story if one wants to ;)

I'll leave you with the photo to come up with the story you want to. My story title goes like this; Hiding from the police!

Stopped to refuel

Stopped to refuel by (id) Xposed Photography

This  photo was taken on my first trip to Angola, I was on my way from the airport to my final destination, where my friend was waiting for me.

I had no job and I had just spent all my savings to get a visa just to go and find a good job. Angola is the land of fortune as many believe it to be, but it turned out to be the land of disaster for me. Anyway, that doesn't have anything to do with this photo.

The driver had just spotted some bags of coal and needed some for personal use, he tried to explain in Portuguese but I couldn't understand a word, so he just stopped and stepped out quickly to grab a bag. I was tired from the 7 hours journey, so stepped out of the car to stretch my legs, suddenly this truck pulled over and that's when I saw a picture.

I grabbed my camera as fast as I could, composed the shot and took it. Hope you like the landscape as much as I did.

Shine on my wings

Shine on my wings by (id) Xposed Photography

On the runway towards Frankfurt's airport, I spotted this beautiful opening in the sky, it was something mean't to be. Everything was perfect and the plane was moving slowly and it suddenly paused, waiting for the "go ahead" from the airport tower. I had my camera with me, so I grabbed it and took this shot.

I looked on the camera screen and knew I didn't need another shot, it was exactly as I wanted it to be, so I laid my head on the seat and enjoyed the gap fill up again covering the space where that beautiful ray of heavenly light was coming.

It was a unique moment that will never happen again, but that's the moment this photo will preserve for as long as I can keep it. Have a wonderful day!

Photography Quotes (5)

“It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it takes you to places you never been before, it attracts your eyes, it warms up your heart, it plays with your emotions as it was mean't to be.

It's a good photo!”

M. Hassan
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X-Shoes by (id) Xposed Photography

This photo has no story to tell, its just an idea of neatly aligned lines and a center point.

My shoes added the depth I needed and also a point of view. Without it, the photo would have been flat and less interesting. This is not only a photo, but also a quick tutorial to help others see things my way, and add their creativity to their photos.

Have a seat

Have a seat by (id) Xposed Photography

You saw the photo of the marble yesterday, it was placed on this particular bench, so now you know how the bench looks like.

Meet Paulien my ex, this was taken during our last week together, we had a lot of fun going through the streets of Rotterdam. The weather was great and for both of us, Rotterdam was a new place, so everything was new and exciting, I'm sure you know that feeling.

I'll leave the rest on you to comment and I'm sure this photo speaks all languages, so let me know what it tells you.

Photography Quotes (4)

“A good photo tells the story behind it's being and leaves the rest to your imagination”

M. Hassan
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Marble on chrome

Marble on chrome by (id) Xposed Photography

I came across a marble on the street and grabbed it, played with it for a while and then walked along towards the city mall. On my way I saw this beautiful bench, and then a photo idea struck my mind. It was like those pop-up imaginations you see in strips.

Every detail was picture clear, I placed the marble as seen and got on my knees to create the inward lines seen on the picture. DOF was also needed to add some perspective to the photo leaving the eyes focusing mostly on the marble.

Your comments are highly appreciated!

Entrance of heaven

Entrance of heaven by (id) Xposed Photography

Some photos present themselves to the photographer. To clarify that, this church has all the elements it needs to make a good photo, but I had the sky against me ;(

There are lines, color, depth of field every thing needed to draw you to it. All I needed to do was think how to portray it as my eyes saw it. It's less amazing for sure, but I hope I gave it a little of the respect it deserved.

Welcome to the entrance of Heaven!

Amazing Volvo

Amazing Volvo by (id) Xposed Photography

At a side road leading to a beautiful line of houses next to a lovely trench, was this amazing Volvo.

I was so happy I had my camera with me, because it would have hurt so much not having it on picture. I got down on my knees to get this view. I would rather have had it in a dump yard amongst broken cars or in an open view with a lovely landscape behind it, but this was not the case.

There was little room around it and I have to make sure I avoided cropping it, so this is all I could get.

Photography Quotes (3)

“A photo is a moment in time you want to remember and was captured through your lens the way you want to remember it.”

M. Hassan
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Massey Ferguson on the road

Massey Ferguson on the road by (id) Xposed Photography

Practice makes perfect and this is something that needs a lot of practice and those with experience will realize that I did a very bad job and need to practice a lot more.

I've taken only 4 shots using the panning technique and to be sincere, I never practiced it, read it once, 2 years ago and tried it out twice back then and once after six months and this one was taken in June last year.

Panning is a great photography technique and if done perfectly delivers amazing photos. I advice those who have never tried it before to give it a try. Read about it on the net and put the technique into practice, who know's you might end up being a panning photographer.

Have some coffee

Have some coffee by (id) Xposed Photography

When one finds himself in a position where they feel boring or lack the energy to go out, a cup of coffee might be the the best solution.

Under the cozy sun in a cafe terrain or at one's backyard, a coffee in hand and a nice book will surely take your mind off your busy schedule. For me this is how I escape the stress that comes with life, but to be sincere, I don't drink coffee, so replace it with a nicely prepared cup of tea.

Now that you've heard me talk about coffee and tea, why not grab a cup of hot tea, coffee or chocolate and surf around, there are millions of photos that will help you relax.

Worries never end, so end it, at least for a little while whenever you can.

Photography Quotes (2)

“It takes a moment to capture a good photo and takes eternity to forget about it.”

M. Hassan
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Photography Qoutes (1)

“You don't admire a photo, you admire the photographer & appreciate his work.”

M. Hassan
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Tinted flower

Tinted flower by (id) Xposed Photography

I have to be sincere that this photo attracts you to this kind of flower more than the flower itself, but what made me take this shot was the pattern in which the flowers crop together.

The environment added more details and color to the shot and also the processing in Lightroom was icing on the cake.

One keeps learning and nothing is impossible and I've noticed in my short time as a photographer, that everything can be beautiful on a photo, one has to be patient and try to get the best out of their subject.

A flower a day

A flower a day by (id) Xposed Photography

I'll be delighted if anyone knows the names of the flowers on my blog. I hate placing them without a name.

This one was taken outside our home, as you can see, it's colorful and really beautiful but unfortunately, it's nameless to me and I hate that ;)

I'd love to hear your comments about the photos I take. Critic is also appreciated because I'm ready to learn.

Golden hour

Golden hour by (id) Xposed Photography

My sister called me over for a cup of hot tea, it was cold and I really needed something to keep me warm. On my way out, I remembered that I needed a photo for today, so I grabbed my camera and rushed over the street.

As I crossed over, I was struck by this awesome golden light coming from a lovely sunset across the street, I knew that scene was going to make it to my shot of the day blog, and here we are, it did.

Photography tip (39)

Photography is not only about taking the picture, delivering it perfectly plays an equal role.

Processing it is as important!

Reflection of roses

Reflection of roses by (id) Xposed Photography

I decided to use a second photo of a rose I took some months ago. I've been very busy lately, and can't leave my store to go in search of a photo.

I tried to be a bit creative on the processing; darkening some areas and adding more red to the roses. I think, photography is not only about taking the picture, delivering it perfectly plays an equal role. Some photos have the right composition and depth of field, but need some more creativity to catch one's eyes, this was one of them.

Lipton hot tea

Lipton hot tea by (id) Xposed Photography

Yesterday I used a technique called the invincible backdrop, and this one is totally the opposite, it's the white backdrop.

Everything on the photo is just as the photo turned out after the shot, the only thing that I post processed were the colors, I removed all colors except the red.

Please leave your comment and let me know what you think of the shot. I was trying to let the Lipton company know about this shot, don't you think it's worth a Lipton commercial?

Invinsible blackdrop

Invinsible blackdrop by (id) Xposed Photography

This is a technique I've been hoping to achieve! it is called the invincible blackdrop.

This is my very first attempt and the very first photo I ever took, it's a photo of my son. We did some experiments, but the lack of the right lighting made it a much more difficult task. The light used on the photo comes from his mobile phone pointing from the direction we were aiming for.

Another thing that I only realized while processing the photo in Adobe Lightroom was that I forgot to switch from JPG format to RAW. My camera is set to shoot in JPG because I use it mostly to take Photo ID shots and it speeds up the process as customers have little patience these days.

I will be shooting a lot of photos using this technique to make sure I master it, or get close enough.

Have a wonderful photo viewing day!

I don't prick, just look that way

I don't prick, just look that way by (id) Xposed Photography

My neighbor saw me with my camera and asked what I was up to, she was curious and never knew I love taking photos. I got closer to explain what I love to do the most and noticed she was watering the flowers in her garden. This thing in the photo got my attention, it was the very first time in my life I saw such a plant, I don't know what to call it.

It's not eatable, is it a fruit? or is it a flower?! I've just placed it in my flower category, if someone knows what it is and what it's called and which category in life it falls under, then please say, my ears is all yours and I'm willing to add something new to my vocabulary.

My little bells

My little bells by (id) Xposed Photography

Some things irritate you daily, but still attracts you to it's beauty, this is one of them.

Every day on my way home from work, I pass next to this flower which stretches over a fence blocking the sidewalk, there's enough room to avoid the thorny stems spreading out at head's length if no car was passing by, but if a car was coming from either direction one can't do anything but wait till the car goes by or withstand being pricked by the thorn of this beauty.

Worst of it is when darkness falls, then one has to be very careful not to get a thorn in his eyes. The neighbor cuts the extra stems whenever asked, but that is occasionally.

As for you my dear readers, all the irritation I go through is not important, so enjoy the beauty this flower delivers ;) and don't forget to comment.

Do not walk outside this line

Do not walk outside this line by (id) Xposed Photography

Do you feel safer on the roads or in the air? I feel safer in the air and enjoy it a lot. Wish I could fly more often.

We just arrived at Frankfurt's airport and i was reading the text that was written on the wing of the airplane, it says (do not walk outside this line). I've seen it a lot of times, because my favorite seat is a window above the wing, I do my best to choose it every time I travel by air.

As I took my camera to take the shot, I changed my mind, I decided to go for this shot instead, a combination of the wing, an other airplane and the beautiful sky.

Leave a comment please!

Captain of the ship

Captain of the ship by (id) Xposed Photography

I was out to take photos of the harbor close to the hotel I was staying at in the Netherlands.

Suddenly I saw a gathering, this ship was standing there and I think it just arrived from Russia, people were interested in it and the most were interested at the sailors and their outfit, but I was much more interested in the ship itself.

It reminded me of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Flower and lines

Flower and lines by (id) Xposed Photography

I was coming back from a funeral when I saw this flower and thought I should take a photo of it. I only had my phone with me and so I decided to bring it along with me to my studio.

I already had the idea in my mind, the picture in my head was very clear, the rest was left on me to carry out.

Sincerely, it turned out a lot better than I was picturing it. I suddenly noticed that I could use the lines on the flour and that of the background to my advantage.

I had to lie on the flour to achieve this photo and would love your comment on it and if I could have done a better job.

My gorgeous cousin

My gorgeous cousin by (id) Xposed Photography

My gorgeous cousin is photogenic isn't she ;)

She likes posing in-front of a camera and cameras love her. I took this shot 2 years ago when she was in Lebanon to spend the holidays with her family.

I'm so fond of this kid and she feels the same way towards me too. She's cute and is very close to my heart. May God guide and protect her.

My new skin

My new skin by (id) Xposed Photography

Life is awesome, but unfortunately we don't take a few seconds of our time to stop and enjoy the unique environment around us. All we think about is work, work work, money! money! money!.

Take for instance this beautiful creation, only those who pay close attention to the environment see it and enjoy it's beauty. I used to be one of those who just walk by thinking about the problems I'm faceing and the downside of life untill I started photography.

The camera slowed down the hasty pace I was taking, I started seeing things differently and now enjoy the creation around me more.

You don't need a camera to start seeing things, just take a shorter pace while walking and look around.

It's a mini car

It's a mini car by (id) Xposed Photography

With gas getting scarce and prices going up every day, little cars have been the solution, they're cheaper, use lesser gas and take lesser space on the roads.

In the Netherlands, people prefer smaller cars than larger ones, totally the opposite of the United States and mini cars are becoming a new trend there.

I prefer a bicycle ;), but cheaper and much healthier!

Gentiana is my name! or is it?!

Gentiana by (id) Xposed Photography

I'm not going to tell you any story about this flower, but I'm going to kindly ask you if you know it's name. I searched an hour on the net to find it's name and the most similar flower falls under (Gentiana).

Everyone calls it the blue flower and I can hear it screaming for help, saying; noooooo, please give me a name or call me as I was named ;).

Waiting patiently for your help!

Photography tip (38)

Get the shot right while at the scene and avoid regrets, this also saves you a huge amount of processing time.

Remember every shot is unique and can never be retaken.

Paulien up-close

Paulien up-close by (id) Xposed Photography

If you're a follower of my blog you'd already know by now that this is my ex girlfriend and still a good friend of mine.

It had just snowed and we were heading for the supermarket when I asked her to pose for a close-up portrait. I took a couple of shots and most of them turned out great, but this one is the one I love the most.