Photography tip (39)

Photography is not only about taking the picture, delivering it perfectly plays an equal role.

Processing it is as important!

Reflection of roses

Reflection of roses by (id) Xposed Photography

I decided to use a second photo of a rose I took some months ago. I've been very busy lately, and can't leave my store to go in search of a photo.

I tried to be a bit creative on the processing; darkening some areas and adding more red to the roses. I think, photography is not only about taking the picture, delivering it perfectly plays an equal role. Some photos have the right composition and depth of field, but need some more creativity to catch one's eyes, this was one of them.

Lipton hot tea

Lipton hot tea by (id) Xposed Photography

Yesterday I used a technique called the invincible backdrop, and this one is totally the opposite, it's the white backdrop.

Everything on the photo is just as the photo turned out after the shot, the only thing that I post processed were the colors, I removed all colors except the red.

Please leave your comment and let me know what you think of the shot. I was trying to let the Lipton company know about this shot, don't you think it's worth a Lipton commercial?

Invinsible blackdrop

Invinsible blackdrop by (id) Xposed Photography

This is a technique I've been hoping to achieve! it is called the invincible blackdrop.

This is my very first attempt and the very first photo I ever took, it's a photo of my son. We did some experiments, but the lack of the right lighting made it a much more difficult task. The light used on the photo comes from his mobile phone pointing from the direction we were aiming for.

Another thing that I only realized while processing the photo in Adobe Lightroom was that I forgot to switch from JPG format to RAW. My camera is set to shoot in JPG because I use it mostly to take Photo ID shots and it speeds up the process as customers have little patience these days.

I will be shooting a lot of photos using this technique to make sure I master it, or get close enough.

Have a wonderful photo viewing day!

I don't prick, just look that way

I don't prick, just look that way by (id) Xposed Photography

My neighbor saw me with my camera and asked what I was up to, she was curious and never knew I love taking photos. I got closer to explain what I love to do the most and noticed she was watering the flowers in her garden. This thing in the photo got my attention, it was the very first time in my life I saw such a plant, I don't know what to call it.

It's not eatable, is it a fruit? or is it a flower?! I've just placed it in my flower category, if someone knows what it is and what it's called and which category in life it falls under, then please say, my ears is all yours and I'm willing to add something new to my vocabulary.

My little bells

My little bells by (id) Xposed Photography

Some things irritate you daily, but still attracts you to it's beauty, this is one of them.

Every day on my way home from work, I pass next to this flower which stretches over a fence blocking the sidewalk, there's enough room to avoid the thorny stems spreading out at head's length if no car was passing by, but if a car was coming from either direction one can't do anything but wait till the car goes by or withstand being pricked by the thorn of this beauty.

Worst of it is when darkness falls, then one has to be very careful not to get a thorn in his eyes. The neighbor cuts the extra stems whenever asked, but that is occasionally.

As for you my dear readers, all the irritation I go through is not important, so enjoy the beauty this flower delivers ;) and don't forget to comment.

Do not walk outside this line

Do not walk outside this line by (id) Xposed Photography

Do you feel safer on the roads or in the air? I feel safer in the air and enjoy it a lot. Wish I could fly more often.

We just arrived at Frankfurt's airport and i was reading the text that was written on the wing of the airplane, it says (do not walk outside this line). I've seen it a lot of times, because my favorite seat is a window above the wing, I do my best to choose it every time I travel by air.

As I took my camera to take the shot, I changed my mind, I decided to go for this shot instead, a combination of the wing, an other airplane and the beautiful sky.

Leave a comment please!

Captain of the ship

Captain of the ship by (id) Xposed Photography

I was out to take photos of the harbor close to the hotel I was staying at in the Netherlands.

Suddenly I saw a gathering, this ship was standing there and I think it just arrived from Russia, people were interested in it and the most were interested at the sailors and their outfit, but I was much more interested in the ship itself.

It reminded me of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Flower and lines

Flower and lines by (id) Xposed Photography

I was coming back from a funeral when I saw this flower and thought I should take a photo of it. I only had my phone with me and so I decided to bring it along with me to my studio.

I already had the idea in my mind, the picture in my head was very clear, the rest was left on me to carry out.

Sincerely, it turned out a lot better than I was picturing it. I suddenly noticed that I could use the lines on the flour and that of the background to my advantage.

I had to lie on the flour to achieve this photo and would love your comment on it and if I could have done a better job.

My gorgeous cousin

My gorgeous cousin by (id) Xposed Photography

My gorgeous cousin is photogenic isn't she ;)

She likes posing in-front of a camera and cameras love her. I took this shot 2 years ago when she was in Lebanon to spend the holidays with her family.

I'm so fond of this kid and she feels the same way towards me too. She's cute and is very close to my heart. May God guide and protect her.

My new skin

My new skin by (id) Xposed Photography

Life is awesome, but unfortunately we don't take a few seconds of our time to stop and enjoy the unique environment around us. All we think about is work, work work, money! money! money!.

Take for instance this beautiful creation, only those who pay close attention to the environment see it and enjoy it's beauty. I used to be one of those who just walk by thinking about the problems I'm faceing and the downside of life untill I started photography.

The camera slowed down the hasty pace I was taking, I started seeing things differently and now enjoy the creation around me more.

You don't need a camera to start seeing things, just take a shorter pace while walking and look around.

It's a mini car

It's a mini car by (id) Xposed Photography

With gas getting scarce and prices going up every day, little cars have been the solution, they're cheaper, use lesser gas and take lesser space on the roads.

In the Netherlands, people prefer smaller cars than larger ones, totally the opposite of the United States and mini cars are becoming a new trend there.

I prefer a bicycle ;), but cheaper and much healthier!

Gentiana is my name! or is it?!

Gentiana by (id) Xposed Photography

I'm not going to tell you any story about this flower, but I'm going to kindly ask you if you know it's name. I searched an hour on the net to find it's name and the most similar flower falls under (Gentiana).

Everyone calls it the blue flower and I can hear it screaming for help, saying; noooooo, please give me a name or call me as I was named ;).

Waiting patiently for your help!

Photography tip (38)

Get the shot right while at the scene and avoid regrets, this also saves you a huge amount of processing time.

Remember every shot is unique and can never be retaken.

Paulien up-close

Paulien up-close by (id) Xposed Photography

If you're a follower of my blog you'd already know by now that this is my ex girlfriend and still a good friend of mine.

It had just snowed and we were heading for the supermarket when I asked her to pose for a close-up portrait. I took a couple of shots and most of them turned out great, but this one is the one I love the most.

I'm a lovely thorn

I'm a lovely thorn by (id) Xposed Photography

It was a cold sunny morning and I was fed-up doing nothing, so I took a short walk around the neighborhood and entered every single path I've never been before.

Suddenly, I found myself gazing at a deserted garage, thorns were growing everywhere, I was worried people might wonder what the hell I was doing there, so I decided to capture a photo of this thorn that was sticking out among the rest, and leave the area.

Life can be boring, but sometimes it leads us to places we wouldn't have visited if we were always busy.

Have a wonderful viewing day!

Hallow house

Hallow house by (id) Xposed Photography

House of God, prayer home, sacred house, call it what you want, but it all ends up with one goal; offering prayers to the creator.

This is a holy house found next to the house I was living in during my stay in the Netherlands, there are tons of prayer houses all over the country, most of them being used for burial rituals. This is surely one of them.

It's the last destination for the dead and I'm happy we still take time to bury the dead and do them justice before their final departure.

May their souls rest in peace.

Orange mushroom

Orange mushroom by (id) Xposed Photography

Looks bigger than a house doesn't it, well it's not, in fact it's a little bit bigger than my palm. I had to get down on my knees on a muddy turf to get the shot right, I could have done a better job, but this shot was taken 2 years ago at a time I was just starting photography.

Can't say much about it, I'll let the photo speak for itself, that is, if it's saying anything to you.

Neatly aligned

Neatly aligned by (id) Xposed Photography

It looks like I'm stuck in one single space, one single environment and one single motive; free space and smooth flow of lines.

Time has gone by since I took these shots, but I still admire the creative brain behind this design, because it stood out above the rest.

You've seen three photos, let me know what you think of the photos first and then the design.

Saving space

Saving space by (id) Xposed Photography

Another photo of the same interior design on my last post.

This idea was mean't to create more working space and keeping the design simple and elegant. I think the designer implemented a great concept, don't you?

Beautiful lines, lovely design

Beautiful lines, lovely design by (id) Xposed Photography

I love creativity, I love design and I admire those who come up with amazing things. Walking into a space like this brings joy and peace to one's mind.

This is one of the hundred of designs that were exhibited in an interior design exhibition in Holland. I was there to admire the work of great designers and was lucky to have my camera with me.

See those beautiful lines and the smooth curves built in this space, I only have one word for them, WAW!

Night portrait with a smile

Night portrait with a smile by (id) Xposed Photography

This is surely not a new photo, it was taken a little more than 2 years ago, I just went through my archive and loved it. It revealed something I never new, even back then, I photos from a different perspective.

I was starting my career as a photographer and I knew totally nothing about perspective or anything concerning good photography practice. Now 2 years in the future; I dug into my old archive to see my progress, I was really disappointed with the photos but I noticed that even though I knew little, I did few things right. I'm happy I can see the difference now, and hope I keep on improving because that's a part of my drive. I always want everything to be perfect.

Thanks for reading please pass on the word.

Looks like a gem but it's not

Looks like a gem but it's not by (id) Xposed Photography

I entered a jewelry store at the Frankfurt's airport and the lighting design was gorgeous, I was left with no other option than going for my camera.

It was a busy day at the store so I decided not to ask for permission as I was only shooting this particular chandelier that was hanging down the ceiling.

Suddenly a woman appeared in-front of me asking what I was doing and who gave me permission to shoot. I told her I didn't ask for permission because they were busy and I didn't want to disturb them. Then I kindly asked her permission to continue which she accepted, but restricted the shot to just the item I was shooting.

I had no problem with that as I already had the shot I was aiming for.

Diagonal line word separation

Diagonal line word separation by (id) Xposed Photography

Good photos tell their own story, but I'm not sure what this say, maybe there's a story to it, maybe it's just the line that interests one. I don't really know.

This sign board is at the antique store at Frankfurt's airport, for those who follow my blog, I'm sure you remember the post forging antique. As you can see, even the board looks antique, or should I say, I made it look antique ;).

All I can say is, remember how important lines and patterns are when photographing. Make sure you get the best out of them.

Have a wonderful viewing day!

Rain makes me lovelier

Rain makes me lovelier by (id) Xposed Photography

Walked out on my way to the mall and outside the hotel was this lovely flower that had water sprinkles all over it.

I bent over and took a couple of shots only to find out that I was missing that thing that made it special, so I started all over again, this time choosing a different perspective and with a depth of field, leaving the focus on the petals and water-drop.

I processed it in Adobe Lightroom adding some sharpness. This is the end product.

The beauty of straight lines

Beauty of straight lines by (id) Xposed Photography

Promised the second side of the story yesterday. This is the same building as the one on yesterday's shot.

I'll leave you to decide which one you like the most, my choice goes to this one. Please carefully note how the lines connect with the top corners and the bottom line centering perfectly in the middle. It's no coincidence, it took me about 15 shots and 20 minutes to get it right. I had to get it right because it was getting darker, if I had stayed much longer I'd have missed this shot because I traveled the next morning.

Have a lovely photos viewing day!

Connected windows

Connected windows by (id) Xposed Photography

It's patterns & lines time once again! A normal view of our daily life, but with the right perspective even a normal view can become special.

This is one side of two shot, the next one you'll see tomorrow. All I can say is there's no story to tell on this one, I'll leave the story to your imagination.

Have a nice viewing day!

Tree bark peeling off

Tree bark peeling off by (id) Xposed Photography

In another great fashion, life presents yet another amazing creation. A unique pattern that human can only forge.

Take your time and look around carefully, because there's a photo in every thing; alive or dead, but remember, it's how you portray the beauty you see with your eyes that matters.

Very important is that, we see our subject in 3 dimension, but our camera's don't (3D camera's do). So, make sure you add depth and a good perspective or else you will end up with a flat-out image.

Even beautiful when dying

Even beautiful when dying by (id) Xposed Photography

Some things remain beautiful even after they die, I wish I was one of them.

At first sight, I was attracted to the board that is seen behind the flower, but at close range, the flower attracted my eyes the most.

Sometimes we only see things through our eyes and forget the real beauty that comes from within the heart. Look deeper if you are in search of the true beauty.

Religion & flowers

Religion & flowers by (id) Xposed Photography

As far as I can remember, I was always told that a religion represents peace, happiness, respect and a lot of good things. Religion makes one a better person.

To me flowers represent love and so combining it in a photo with a church makes our religion complete (Love).