Invinsible blackdrop

Invinsible blackdrop by (id) Xposed Photography

This is a technique I've been hoping to achieve! it is called the invincible blackdrop.

This is my very first attempt and the very first photo I ever took, it's a photo of my son. We did some experiments, but the lack of the right lighting made it a much more difficult task. The light used on the photo comes from his mobile phone pointing from the direction we were aiming for.

Another thing that I only realized while processing the photo in Adobe Lightroom was that I forgot to switch from JPG format to RAW. My camera is set to shoot in JPG because I use it mostly to take Photo ID shots and it speeds up the process as customers have little patience these days.

I will be shooting a lot of photos using this technique to make sure I master it, or get close enough.

Have a wonderful photo viewing day!