It's misty, it's beautiful!

It's misty, it's beautiful! by (id) Xposed Photography

This is the view outside my uncles house in Haris, Lebanon. The only difference with the daily view is that this time it was misty and it was amazing to watch the faded house at the far end of the hills.

Normally, the normal view that I was used to seeing never attracted my photography eyes ;), but this one was gorgeous. I had to go through a lot to get the right composition I was aiming for. There was no room to get that much scene into a 35mm lens. Also, the wall is not as straight as it looks in the photo, it's a wall that's goes down-hill.

I tried every thing and ended right to the top of the road slanting my camera 45 degrees to align the wall and creating that straight line, there was also very little room to get more of the wall in the scene. I would have preferred it to take 1/3 of the bottom.

I did all I could to portray what I was seeing and hope you get the picture too.