Green flower

Green flower by (id) Xposed Photography

All I would say about this flower is that I need your comments about the photo and through your photography's point of view. Is it well composed, what would have made it better if you think it's not good, color, processing. Anything that will help me improve is highly appreciated.

Orange flower in my garden

Orange flower in my garden by (id) Xposed Photography

This is one of the flowers that decorates our lovely garden. Life in itself is boring, but with some care one can make life a little bit comfortable.

Our garden is where I take out my daily stress, caring for the plants and just walking around makes me relax, with a camera in hand walking around becomes much more fun.

Reflection of a candle

Reflection of a candle by (id) Xposed Photography

I took this photo when I was in Lebanon last year, I wanted to make something special to express my love for someone I really cared about.

I took it, added some text into it and posted it on my whatsapp profile. Caring is very important in a relationship and I try to do it in a unique way, like; coming up with words or sentences that express my feelings, or through photos. I hate or dislike using words or photos created by others on the net.