Looking cool!

Looking cool! by (id) Xposed Photography

Some people get attracted by a camera and some shy off but sometimes all you need is to ask the question (can I take a photo of you?).

This lady is a client at my textile store and she was happy to pose with my friend for me. At first she was a little shy, but my friend who's a photo freak needed just a second to convince her to pose. This is the outcome of the very first shot.

Photography quotes (8)

“A photograph: is one unique moment in time, that never repeats itself and is yet there for eternity” 

M. Hassan
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Chilling & posing

Chilling & posing by (id) Xposed Photography

Almost everytime a customer visits our shop to buy, there would be an escort boy with them to assist with the products they buy.

These boys are not allowed to move around in the store with our customers because they cause a lot of confusion and fill up the store for no reason.

I normally ask them to wait outside till the customer need them, but this guy was quiet so I asked him to stay at the corner, and he seemed to like it there as he was so relaxed and acted coooool!!!

A day out with a big smile

A day out with a big smile by (id) Xposed Photography

I took this photo 3 months ago, it was the day I moved from Beira to Chimoio in Mozambique, I was on my way to manage a new store we opened there.

My friend on this shot was happy to give me a ride and as you can see, we spent the entire time laughing and chatting. I caught him by surprise and till this date he's never seen this shot, so I'm taking him by surprise as he will find out via Facebook that he made it to my blog.

A chess game

A chess game by (id) Xposed Photography

This is one art of a chess board, I found it in a souvenir shop in Tete's Airport in Mozambique. All the elements of this chess board were carved neatly by hand.

Kings, Queens were beautifully designed in the African traditional way, and it really attracted me because it portrayed the culture of the country it was sold in.

Tell me what you think of the entire shot and the subject itself.

Airport stress

Airport stress by (id) Xposed Photography

We all know it, or have gone through it in one way or the other. Fatigue, airport stress, traveling stress, our only savior is a quick nap.

I love traveling by air, airports & planes give me a rush, I become happier and more active. I try to tour every airport I visit and don't just sit down close to my baggage, in-fact I try not to have anything with me that affects my movement.

It's fun being in new places, life is different, the language and culture is totally different than what one is accustomed to. I'm social and love seeing life out of my nutshell, it makes me realize the difference and broaden my intellectualism, it also gives me more choices to live as humans are meant to be and not as my culture taught me to.

Back to the photo, life in an airport can be really exhausting, but also really interesting, so have fun when you're in one.

Caston relaxing with his mobile

20130807-142045 by (id) Xposed Photography

It's often really busy in our store, we hardly have time for anything other than serving customers during the morning hours, so every second without work is spent personally.

Caston, one of my workers chooses to spend his time on his newly bought blackberry. For him, it's a new toy and he just can't get his sight of the screen. I decided to take a shot and show him how concentrated he always is while playing with his toy.

Dino at work

Dino at work by (id) Xposed Photography

I run a textile business in Chimoio, Mozambique. We sell use clothes (45KG Bales) that we buy from Holland, USA, Korea and other parts of the world.

On the shot is Dino one of my faithful workers, he was walking towards me with a bale that a customer had chosen and he posed when he saw my camera. For me it was an opportunity I was waiting for.

Please tell me what you think of the overall shot and give me your advice on the technique. I would also love to hear what this photo tells you.

Line of leaves

Line of leaves by (id) Xposed Photography

In photography, lines and patterns play a great role in improving your photos. Sometimes your subject is not interesting enough to portray what you're trying to talk about, but good photographers create magic out of nothing.

After experimenting with different types of techniques that I learn't from others on the net, I have come to realize that pattern and lines betters your photo immensely. Placing the subject is a particular way changes its entire perspective to what your eyes see, and makes your photo much more interesting than what a normal photographer would portray.

So, go out and experiment with lines and pattern.