Airport stress

Airport stress by (id) Xposed Photography

We all know it, or have gone through it in one way or the other. Fatigue, airport stress, traveling stress, our only savior is a quick nap.

I love traveling by air, airports & planes give me a rush, I become happier and more active. I try to tour every airport I visit and don't just sit down close to my baggage, in-fact I try not to have anything with me that affects my movement.

It's fun being in new places, life is different, the language and culture is totally different than what one is accustomed to. I'm social and love seeing life out of my nutshell, it makes me realize the difference and broaden my intellectualism, it also gives me more choices to live as humans are meant to be and not as my culture taught me to.

Back to the photo, life in an airport can be really exhausting, but also really interesting, so have fun when you're in one.