Symantic cup of tea

Symantic cup of tea by (id) Xposed Photography

Photos are not only about things that are there waiting for you to capture them, sometimes you have to be creative and think about the subject you want to portray and what you want to tell your viewers and sometimes combining the subject with other subjects around it will be the perfect way to tell the story.

Here you see a cup of tea, but what does a cup of tea tells people who sees it on a photo? for me, a cup of tea means relaxation and my window to a less stressful world. Every night I would make a small kettle of tea and drink it slowly as I watch TV.

I have thought a lot about portraying that feeling to my viewers, the combination of the kettle, tea cup and TV in front of me as it always is was my first attempt, but I realized, it only portrays a whole setting which I see but doesn't say anything about how it makes me feel. So I decided to create a serene atmosphere, where all the focus is drawn towards the tea and how it adds to the beauty around it.

Tell me what you think about this setting.