Instagram revived my passion!

I have not had my hands on any camera for more than a year, and even though I don't blog like I used to, photography remains my #1 passion and my Instagram page proves that, have a quick look and follow me if you like

Almost all of the photos are/were taken by a mobile phone and processed with nothing more than the Instagram app, using different techniques. I am a fan of the manual processing option because it enpowers me with a much wider range of possibilities and enboldens my creativity. There are also some great presets for amatures or for those who just want their images processed in one way or the other.

Please leave your comment and be sincere with your critique.

Crazy smoking habit in Lebanon

Water pipe trend in Lebanon by (id) Xposed Photography

Everyone is crazily involved in this health risky habit of smoking water pipe, children ranging from 9 years and above including girls and women are more involved than boys & men.

What used to be forbidden for the feminine species is now a normal, people are seen at every corner of Lebanon smoking water pipes, it is also served as a luxury product in chic hotels & restaurants all over Lebanon and the rest of the arab world.

Here are a few boys ranging between 16 & 20 years smoking infront of a shop in Haris, Lebanon.

Sunset at it's best

Sunset at it's best by (id) Xposed Photography

I decided today to start posting some of the  photos I post to my Instagram. These photos were or are shot with a mobile phone.

By doing this, I am putting enough pressure on my self to continue a path I love; photography! This particular photo is not new, I took it 2 years ago in Lebanon, and is one of my favorites, I hope people will start following my blog and join me on my journey. You'll be amazed at the beauty of places I visited or visit.