Why Regular Exercise is Important to your Health

Exercise can be defined as any movement or activity that makes your body muscles work, thereby burning calories. Without exercise, your joints are likely to become stiff and your muscles flabby and weak. Studies have shown that being active or rather exercising provides the body with many health benefits, both mentally and physically. On the flip side, inactivity is a health risk. So, how does regular exercise benefit your body? 

Exercise Can Reduce your Risk for Chronic Disease

The human body is meant to move and always craves exercise. There’s no better way to increase your overall level of fitness than through regular exercise. Being physically fit boosts your immune system, thereby making your body more resilient to diseases. Furthermore, it helps reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and canter. A lack of physical activity can result in significant increases in belly fat and weight gain, which increases the risk for heart disease and diabetes. Regular exercise is essential to staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Regular Exercise gives you Energy

Exercise allows for the free flow of oxygen throughout your body. Aerobic exercise such as cycling, running, and walking increases your overall stamina since your body is engaged in a continuous and rhythmic physical motion. As a result, your body gets a much-needed burst of energy for your daily activities and you’re able to stay energized throughout the day. Studies have shown that regular exercise increases energy levels in people with multiple sclerosis, HIV/Aids, cancer, and other progressive illnesses. 

Mental Health Benefits

Studies have shown that regular exercise increases the production of endorphins, which help reduce the perception of pain and help improve an individual’s mood. It has also been shown to decrease feelings of stress, anxiety, ADHD, and depression. Exercise will help you become more aware of your mental state and relieve feelings of depression. 

Exercise is good for Your Bones and Muscles

When you engage in weight lifting, resistance training, or any other physical activity, your body releases hormones that promote the absorption of amino acids by your muscles. This helps reduce muscle breakdown, maintain muscle strength, and ensure muscle growth. Exercise plays a huge role in the development of bone density in both young children and adults. With increased endurance and muscle strength, your posture will improve and you’ll feel and look better. Exercise also improves your flexibility, thereby improving body coordination and balance. 

Weight Control

Inactivity has been shown to be a major factor in obesity and weight gain. Studies have shown that exercise increases metabolic rate which helps the body burn calories. As a result, it becomes easier to control and manage your weight. Exercise can also help you maintain your muscle mass and maximize fat loss. 

Exercise Helps with Relaxation and Sleep Quality

The increase in body temperature and energy depletion that occurs when you’re engaged in physical activity stimulates recuperative processes during sleep. Regular exercise, whether resistance training or aerobic exercises, can help you relax and sleep better. 

Our friends at remind us to set a goal for yourself and commit to exercising at least thirty minutes every day. It’s important that you incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, no matter your daily schedule. 

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